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          • C88K CNC Fully Hydraulic Die Forging Hammer

            ★ Program control, numerical input, simple operate;
            ★ Advanced taper valve control, fast response, not easy to inner leakage;
            ★ Digitized and exacted controlling striking energy, avoid surplus energy during striking;
            ★ Swaying combine oil cylinder and thin piston rod flexible design

          • CT88K CNC Fully Hydraulic Die Forging Hammer

            ★ Hydraulic driving system and power system assembled on top separately;
            ★ no surplus striking energy can reduce striking noise and improve die life;
            ★ Long ram structure can improve working accuracy;

          • CT88KA CNC Conversion of Steam Die Forging Hammer

            ★ Touch screen man-machine interface and automatic malfunction diagnosis and alarm;
            ★ no hydraulic pump station on floor;
            ★ Ram buffer is inner hydraulic buffe; 

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