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          CFM will be on FORGETECH INDIA 2016
          publish date:2016-11-22 source:cfmjs view times:2612

          Dear Sir/Madam,

          China Forging Machinery Co.,Ltd. will be exhibiting on

          FORGETECH INDIA 2016 on 3-4 Dec., 2016

          Venue: Hyatt Regency, Manesar (NH8), Gurgaon (Haryana)

          CFM and BRIMET Booth no.: 25

          CFM will also make a presentation on " CNC fully hydraulic die forging hammer and one die with multi-piece forging technology"

          We are waiting for your visiting!

          Any problem, please contact us at jagen.zhong@cfmjs.cn

          Jagen Zhong

          For China Forging Machinery Co.,Ltd.

          No.88 Shanghu Road, Chengdong Town, Haian, Jiangsu, P.R.China
          Tel.: 0086-513-88368808 | Fax.:0086-513-88369186 | email:cfm@cfmjs.cn

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